Tea Post in the brain-child of Rajkot based businessman. who fell in love with tea first and then the idea of selling tea. with over a 100 outlets spread across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, Tea Post is one of the fastest food startups to make its mark across the region. Tea idea behind starting a tea cafe or a tea kisok was simple - we wanted to serve quality tea and snacks at competitive rates and cater to students and office goers. Our aim was to facilitate the availability of hygienic tea and food and a nice, inexpensive place to hang out. we wanted to become a part of their everyday life and so we did.

The way Mr. puts it, he says, "When I travelled abroad I Saw people getting their daily caffeine fix and breakfast from cafes and I realized we could bring this culture to India also. I just tweaked it by serving regular Indian tea and food items and we were all set to roll."



We Could've made a fancy cafe, served gourment Coffee made by a trained barista with a portion of croissants on the side. But, we didn't! Beacause we know that the best memories are made over a cup of cutting chai and a shared maska bun.

We know that happiness is a cup of hot masala chai and endless banter with friends.

We know that the college canteen holds a special place in your heart and we have come to return those memories to you with a place where you can sit and relive your childhood over a cup of tea - just like the good old days.